I’m living in Colorado, working from home during the pandemic as a software professional for an American non-profit, renting my brain during the work-week and spending the rest of my waking hours re-energizing and caring for the people I love the most. One hobby that energizes me is my avocational work for the Knowledge Standards Foundation.

I’m Twittering most days. I ride my bicycle when the weather is fair. I hike even when it’s not so fair. Look me up on Strava. Those are all ways I re-energize.

I joined a group who is reading the Bible together. We’re following a daily plan to get through it in a year, scheduled to be done in March. I’m not actually reading. I’m listening to The Message, a paraphrase by Rev. Dr. Gene Peterson. I listened to his lectures on Biblical Spirituality. I believe he was an excellent pastor.

I’m also in a men’s group reading The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy. That could take a year, too. I’m behind on my reading, but that’s ok because it has been difficult to get together, what with the Colorado pandemic lockdown and people dying and everything.


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