Welcome to my personal, non-commercial website. It holds the new writing that I self-publish. It’s an evolution of the blogging I’ve been doing for decades, now a combination of short posts—popularized by Twitter and generically called micro-blog posts—and longer, traditional blog posts with titles.

I update my Now page every so often to capture what I’m focused on, internet-wise.

You can learn a little about me on my About page. For even more about me, read about.me tbc0, which includes links to 14 more websites where I currently (or used to) publish content. Even though I publish at this website (timchambersusa.com), I still Twitter a lot.

My Photos page is mostly infographics. I never did like Instagram. The first real photo I published here was a photo I took at (of?) Monument Lake in Colorado.

Finally, you can find my older writing in the Archive.


I bought the timchambersusa.com domain many years ago, always planning to build it myself. Have a look at a representative snapshot of the page from 8 years ago. It started degrading in 2017, as this snapshot shows. In 2019 I became interested in the IndieWeb movement and decided to step into the shallow end of that pool with both feet. I had heard of Micro.blog but didn’t “get it.” Even before I saw its connection to IndieWeb I claimed the subdomain tbc.micro.blog. I’m starting to get it, though, as I write this, I’m still in the shallow end of the pool. My personal domain (timchambersusa.com) and tbc.micro.blog are one and the same. I have the flexibility to get more creative later. For now, this website merely contains the new writing that I self-publish.

This post is tbcg0303c