Welcome to my personal, non-commercial website. It holds the latest writing that I self-publish. It’s an evolution of the blogging I’ve been doing for decades, now a combination of short posts—popularized by Twitter and generically called micro-blog posts—and longer, traditional blog posts with titles.

My personal domain (timchambersusa.com) and tbc.micro.blog are one and the same. I have the flexibility to get more creative later.

I have a grand vision to build The Good, True, and Beautiful Community aka tbch0409a (use that to search the internet). TGTBC for short. It is my vision for social media. There. That’s it in a nutshell. TGTBC is my vision for social media. I’m actively living out my vision by blogging at this website. I am active on LinkedIn. Let’s connect! (However, I am not a LION.) I set up philotimo.slack.com and would love to chat with you there. If you have an @alum.mit.edu address, I already trust you. Everyone else, you’ll have to get to know me first. Be creative. (If you work @mit.edu I trust you, but Slack won’t let me whitelist that domain. I’d love to get to know you so please reach out to me.) Also see Mattermost in the next paragraph. I used to Twitter more, but now that it’s X.com I’m like, meh. Finally, maybe you’d like to join me on Telegram? t.me/tbch0409a

TGTBC includes the encyclosphere: the universal network of encyclopedias. It’s only a small piece of social media. It’s the way to level the playing field so that people can read and write encyclopedic content on the internet—much more than Wikipedia. Joining KSF to work on the encyclosphere is the latest step—and the boldest to-date—that I have taken to realize my vision of TBTBC. Let’s chat about the encyclosphere (or anything else!) on Mattermost (a chat platform alternative to Slack). Read encyclosphere to learn how to connect to me on Mattermost.

Of course I’m not online 24×7. Physical presence is best. Let’s meet for coffee. You know you can txt me or call me if you want to reach me. If you don’t know my mobile number, well, that’s easily remedied once we’ve gotten to know one another. Let’s chat to begin with.) Notice I don’t offer email. That’s so 20th century. If you insist on writing to me, add now@ to my personal domain (see above).

You can learn a little about me on my About page. For even more about me, read about.me tbc0, which includes links to 14 more websites where I currently (or used to) publish content.

I keep my Now page up to date to capture what I’m focused on, internet-wise. That’s really the best place to start if you want to get to know me because I keep it the most up to date.

My Photos page recently has been visual companions to blog posts. I started by sharing infographics. I never did like Instagram. The first real photo I published here was a photo I took at (of?) Monument Lake in Colorado.

Finally, you can find my older writing in the Archive.


I bought the timchambersusa.com domain many years ago, always planning to build it myself. Have a look at a representative snapshot of the page from 8 years ago. It started degrading in 2017, as this snapshot shows. In 2019 I became interested in the IndieWeb movement and decided to step into the shallow end of that pool with both feet. I had heard of Micro.blog but didn’t “get it.” I finally get it, but I’m kinda addicted to Twitter so haven’t started engaging regularly with the micro.blog community. (When I do, I’ll update this paragraph.) Even before I saw its connection to IndieWeb I claimed the subdomain tbc.micro.blog. I’ve been hosting at micro.blog since March 4, 2019.

Tim Chambers @tbc