Updated my Now page

I want to keep this as a snapshot. 2dbbd607d5b43021a2e6b3dcdb45208a302410fbdcaec9dbb4770e3cf5680b49 (#2dbbd60 for short)

I am living in Colorado. I am a human being, not a human do-ing. I am two months into retirement but freelancing as a Technologist. (Not getting paid for it.)

I am replying to Dave Winer and pray that he accepts my request to be mentored.

I am caring for the people I love the most, striving to love my family, friends, and neighbors; and I am re-energizing (my primary hobby is reading and writing on the internet) so I can pace myself to do what matters most. I’m chatting with my daugher-in-law at Philotimo. You can join us! Left as an exercise for the student to figure out how.

Every day I listen to the ESV: Daily Office Lectionary. You should, too. (Derek Sivers, you are in my prayers.)

I ride my bicycle when the weather starts fair. I don’t mind riding in the rain. I hike even when it’s not so fair. Look me up on Strava, as biking and hiking are a couple ways I re-energize.

Kudos Derek Sivers for the idea to make a Now page. See nownownow.com.

Tim Chambers @tbc