Beware Walled Gardens—Own Your Words™

Think hard about how much knowledge you give away! At the least, save copies of what you write in your personal commonplace book so that changes in employment don't leave you without access to your own thoughts and ideas! Social networks in business situations are most susceptible to this.

My job responsibilities give me access to the Workday Community (WC). It's a walled garden with a different feel compared with Salesforce Trailblazer Community (SFDC TC). It struck me today that Workday's wall is high. They keep a very tight leash on customer access through Named Support Contacts (NSCs). Access to the WC is tightly controlled. You must be a customer. In contrast, SFDC's TC is open to anyone—customer or not.

I get it. SFDC is huge. The corporation has made enormous acquisitions, Tableau and Slack are a couple that caught my attention recently. I became a Workday customer through their acquisition of Adaptive Insights, now Workday Adaptive Planning, Adaptive for short. (Adaptive is a financial planning & analysis tool.) Workday is huge compared with Adaptive, but they are smaller than SFDC. Their technology doesn't seem quite as mature, though much progress has been made since I was introduced to the product four years ago.

I wrote an answer to a simple question today: What training is recommended for users new to Workday Adaptive Planning? You have to be a Workday customer to read my answer. This decreases my motivation to contribute to the community. Only a little, though. I can imagine why Workday controls access. Their technology doesn't yet have the broad market that SFDC has. No incentive to make knowledge accessible to non-customers (yet?).

Anyway, this is a blog post, not an essay. I don't have all the answers. But trust me on the Own Your Words™ advice. Don't lose your knowledge that is locked behind garden walls. (Following all contractual obligations, of course. Some content you write as an employee doesn't belong to you. You do read and understand before you sign anything, right?)

"File:Whose Knowledge? logo.svg" by Anasuyas is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Tim Chambers @tbc