The Facebook outage makes its own case against centralization

A decentralized network consists of multiple domains working peer to peer. Ideally, there is one domain per identity. If you want multiple, distinct identities, register multiple domains. As I look at my list, I see that I have already done that. Just waiting for the right time to stand up more of them. Recently I went from one ( ( to two (that one plus

In the beginning, the internet was decentralized. Consider email. Before, you could choose from or or and the list goes on. Anyone here ever have an email address? Now it seems as if every random person I interact with has a Gmail address. That’s a single point of failure. (Though I bet Google is reviewing its business processes this week in light of Facebook to ensure they don’t have a failure like that.) Anyway, the best two examples of decentralization are the World Wide Web as a whole (despite the fact that everyone seems to start browsing the web from, and the blogosphere.

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