Why You Should Never Cold Call a Millennial^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Baby Boomer

I haven’t figured out how to optimize replies on other sites with Micro.blog. And maybe this really is what I want. A blog post based on a comment I made. Yeah, that’s it. This post was inspired by my comment.

As I said at qqMedium in reply to “Why You Should Never Cold Call a Millennial (And What To Try Instead):”

Reason 1: You could lose composure on a call

Reason 2: Receiving a call is time-consuming

Reason 3: Callers are inconsiderate

Uh. These reasons are universal. I’m a young baby boomer. Please don’t call me, either!


Kudos Filip Poutintsev for these additional reasons:

  1. The call always comes in a bad time
  2. The call takes all your attention
  3. You can only talk to one person at a time
  4. On the phone you have to react instantly
  5. There’s no time to check facts
  6. Over half of what you said or heard on the phone will be instantly forgotten
  7. I just don’t like phone calls
  8. Writing is easier than talking
  9. You have to prepare for the call
  10. The 9th Circle of Hell: Video Calls


Tim Chambers @tbc