History of Science Fiction and a lot of meta content

Rats! Didn’t even have a single streak after writing a flurry of posts on my first day here (g0220a). Starting over to earn my Photo Challenge and Daily Blogger pins.

Here’s my second infographic. History of Science Fiction aka historyofsf. Source: Ward Shelley

qqMeta: In this post I introduced two of my writing conventions. First, my 6-character tags, e.g. g0220a (meta-tag qqtags). This post is g0222c (tbcg0222c in internet namespace). I’ll talk about them in later posts. Second, my convention for citing sources is to redirect through Bitly and to ensure URLs are available at web.archive.org. I curate a list of all my Bitly URLs. If the service ended, or if I stopped agreeing to their terms, I would provide a lookup myself. (XKCD is an exception. I use live links and merely cite by reference number because XKCD is such a part of internet culture that I can’t imaging one ever not being able to find an XKCD comic as long as its number is cited.)

Oh, and I guess qq is a third convention I just introduced. I’ll write more about that later, too. I do want to tip my hat to my friend d3matt. Years ago I discovered that he, too, has a habit of prefixing words with qq. Great minds think alike.

I’ll also write at some point about the importance (IMHO) of unique symbols (case-insensitive) on the internet. I don’t have to call d3matt by his name. Too long. TBC is too common, so I claimed tbc0 as mine. The shorter the better. Even RMS and ESR don’t own their initials. Haha. And the CEO where I work is RTD, but I refer to him as qqRTD.

Tim Chambers @tbc